From journalists to journalists

   When trying to get some press coverage, startups & marketing departments of companies, fail to understand that journalists are not interested in writing articles that look like an ad but instead wish to write articles that can interest their readers! This leads to frustration from both the journalists and the businesses.

What can we do ? We have been on the recieving end of press releases, and thus know the dos and don'ts of public relations, that's why we can help you reach the media in a way that would yield a 100 times more results than what you would normally. If you are trying to reach the press we have the appropriate solutions that would meet your need! We will take care of preparing a press comuniqué that would not only satisfy your requirement but will satisfy the journalist curiosity as well!

About us: Our team is made of individuals that cover all the aspects needed to deal with public relations, we are a part of a bigger company that deals with online marketing advertising and publishing, and we have forged partnerships with many journalists in The US, Europe and Asia.

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